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Live Blood Analysis

With Live Blood Analysis you get the opportunity to view your blood in real-time. You can view, alongside the analyst, what your red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, plasma, and any anomalies look like with the use of a microscope and TV screen.  


Bioenergetic Analysis

Bioenergetic testing utilizes energy, or unique biological signatures, to pinpoint where the body may be struggling and how to aid in healing. This analysis is perfect for both adults and children due to its non-invasive method. Micro-currents are sent throughout the body and provide real time feedback to the software.  Bioenergetic testing can give invaluable insight on areas that may be out of balance. Methods of rebalancing the body are discussed during your appointment. We recommend you bring your own supplements to your Bioenergetic appointment so we can see if they are working for or against your body's systems.


Diet/Supplement Recommendations

We have supplements for a wide variety of needs. All are hand selected and of the highest quality. The bioenergetic analysis can run signatures of any vitamin, mineral, or homeopathic remedy you are wanting to try. Supplements can help the body function optimally, with both prescribed medicine, or without.

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